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Comments submitted to the DTI on the BEE Amendments (2 May 2018). Please send these to the dti

Here are my comments. It took about a day to draft them...

[ Published 2 May 2018 ]

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ICT QSE and Specialised code levels - sorted

Not really my work, I have to thank my friend Feeeeeeeeeeee for pursuing this. I wrote the last blog post on the subject because a useless verification agency...

[ Published 26 April 2018 ]

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Namibia may scrap black ownership requirements for miners

We are just slowing down the (black) empowerment that we want to achieve, says the country’s mines minister...

[ Published 25 April 2018 ]

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YES, the YES is a priority, but not at the price bolshie bob has set

It seems to have started with this article, although I would like to believe that my play in one act really clinched the deal...

[ Published 24 April 2018 ]

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NEEEF developments

Last year I hosted a conference in Windhoek about the NEEEF. The overriding impression I got was that the government was willing to talk and listen to business. Something that our dear bolshie bob is not willing to do at all...

[ Published 12 April 2018 ]

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Rob Davies - Act 1 Scene 1 - the demise of white monopoly capital. A play in one scene

The scene – a room in a prime office in Meintjies Street Pretoria...

[ Published 10 April 2018 ]

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Here we have a dominant political party with absolutely no clue how to retain its dominance

This is a short post but it will be followed up by a longer one. bolshie bob published this document for comment...

[ Published 29 March 2018 ]

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ICT code levels - QSE and specialised measured out of what?

There was a conversation between me and a person who I had met yet about their BEE scorecard. They were told by their completely unreasonable clients that they have to be a level 1 or 2..

[ Published 24 March 2018 ]

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Democratic Dalliance - the pursuit of relevance. Let's complain about expired gupta BEE certificates

The poor official opposition. They have suddenly become irrelevant. With Cyril moving the aNc towards the centre, the DA have found themselves wanting...

[ Published 9 March 2018 ]

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bobby the brave, the bolshevik remains

What to do? My last post which was published on Biznews this morning. In this article I reverted back to type and poured out my usual anti-davies vitriol, all of which hoped that Rob Davies...

[ Published 27 February 2018 ]

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Where does our favourite empowerment system fit in with Cyril's economy rebuilding programme?

It’s been almost a week since Cyril’s SONA...

[ Published 23 February 2018 ]

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Will we miss him

Nodderfok. Useless arsehole that he was and continues to be. Now I listen to Jessie Doosart telling a public that detests both equally how great zuma was...

[ Published 14 February 2018 ]

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Where are the BEE verification agencies - SANAS ones that is

With the removal of IRBA the number of VAs have dropped from about 450 to 72 (this figure is exact and comes from SANAS' website)...

[ Published 31 January 2018 ]

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Trainee Tracking Tool - here's one I created

How SANAS loves its paperwork. This is a spinoff from bolshie bob's desire to create paperwork and red tape. How this is going to result in transformation resides only...

[ Published 30 January 2018 ]

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Exactly what percentage ownership do you need so as not to be fired

Exactly what percentage ownership do you need so as not to be fired

[ Published 17 January 2018 ]

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SANAS BEE analyst required in the Rosebank (JHB) area

A reputable SANAS-accredited verification agency is looking for a SANAS-savvy analyst. I should experienced SANAS-savvy analyst...

[ Published 10 January 2018 ]

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Cyril - please not rob davies for another five years

Our good friend and dyed in the wool minister of trade and industry declined to sit on the anc's NEC in December. My thinking was that bolshie had done enough destruction for one lifetime, something which the country will pay for dearly long after...

[ Published 9 January 2018 ]

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Here we are in 2018 - in a better position than we were last year this time

There is reason to be cheerful. The news is full of reports of a zuma recall within the next week. Universities are on tenterhooks as the multitudes demand entry - all because Julius is trying to outpopulist zuma...

[ Published 5 January 2018 ]

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